ETSI TeraFlowSDN Community holds fourth Hackfest

May 29, 2024

Sophia Antipolis, 29 May 2024.

The fourth ETSI TeraFlowSDN (TFS) Hackfest was held in Athens, Greece, where we had two days of hands-on experience interacting TFS with Network Discovery and Device Inventory Management.

This awesome event was hosted by UBITECH, and technical sessions were led by TELEFONICA.

The first day started with some theory sessions. Our TFS TSC Chair Lluis, gave us an introduction about software-defined networks as well as the role of TFS, the new TFS Release 3 architecture, and an overview of latest demos and use cases. The intro was followed by some technical sessions, led by TELEFONICA (thanks to Pablo and Juan Carlos), sharing their knowledge and experience about the use of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) & BGP Link State (BGP-LS) speakers and device inventory in TFS. Of course, in between there was an excellent coffee break and an outdoor Greek lunch!
During the afternoon, after ensuring participants had access to the remote lab environment and following a step by step demo of BGP-LS in TFS, a list of challenges was presented. Participants organized themselves in small teams and started working on them and hacking TFS mentored by TFS community members. At the end of the day, we enjoyed a delicious dinner together which was really appreciated after the hard work on the Hackfest challenges.

The second day was fully dedicated to work on the Hackfest challenges, of increasing complexity! These challenges have been done with increasing difficulty, allowing the participants to understand how the new features taught during the Hackfest work. These challenges evolved from simple changes in TFS configuration files to making changes in the database to learning how to save and modify information in TFS and understanding the new BGP-LS component taught the first Hackfest day. During the day we saw increasing inter-teams’ collaboration and towards the end, teams presented their achievements and discussed with the TFS community experts the different ways to solve the challenges. It is a powerful activity that allows you to explore various perspectives and discover multiple solutions to the same problem.

This Hackfest provided us with a wealth of technical knowledge, build hands-on experience with TeraFlowSDN, and encouraged us to collaborate for solving real challenges. It helped us to understand the potential of TFS, especially regarding BGP-LS and inventory management. We learnt how to join the community, propose new features and contribute code, to improve the way TeraFlowSDN is built, and help to shape future TFS releases.

All the Hackfest material is available in this wiki.

Stay tuned and do not miss the next Hackfest!