ETSI Open Source Group for TeraFlowSDN

The ETSI Open Source Group for TeraFlowSDN (OSG TFS) is developing an open source cloud native SDN controller enabling smart connectivity services for future networks beyond 5G.

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open source

TeraFlowSDN source code is developed under Apache License 2.0. Check it out!


TeraFlowSDN allows rapid prototyping and experimentation in research and standardization activities. Learn how!

open community

Participation is open to ETSI members and non members as well as invidual developers. Join us!

Join Us!

Participation to TeraFLowSDN is open to ETSI members and non members.

See current list of TFS Members and Participants

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Corporate Member

ETSI Members join TFS by signing the TFS Member Agreement.

Corporate Participant

Non-members join by signing the

TFS Participant Agreement.

A fee may apply.

Individual Contributor

Individual Contributors agree to the ICLA to create their own developer account.

Individual User

Individual Users can create a user account to submit feedback.

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