Join us in Athens for the TFS#4 Hackfest!

February 21, 2024

The forth ETSI TeraFlowSDN (TFS) Hackfest will be held 21, 22 May 2024 in Athens. This will be an immersive event hosted by Ubitech and lead by Telefonica, aimed at advancing skills in network automation via BGP Speaker and gNMI protocols. It begins with a focus on network device discovery and inventory management through BGP Speaker, followed by a tutorial to showcase its utility.

Participants will tackle a challenge to enhance the BGP Speaker’s functionality, delving into configuration adjustments. The event also explores IP router management through gNMI, emphasizing control and telemetry. Interactive sessions with TeraFlowSDN experts will facilitate hands-on learning in deploying and managing software-defined networks, making it a compact yet comprehensive experience for network professionals.

Participation is free of charge and open to all upon registration. Seats are limited, book yours today! See event and registration details.