ETSI TeraFlowSDN to serve as reference implementation for Telecom Infra Project

February 22, 2023

The ETSI TeraFlowSDN community has announced their commitment to the implementation of TIP’s Mandatory Use Case Requirements for SDN for Transport (MUST) in their innovative cloud native SDN Controller. This will position TeraFlowSDN as a reference implementation in the Telecom Infra Project Open Optical & Packet Transport group (TIP OOPT). This move will also make it possible to accelerate the adoption of SDN standards for IP/MPLS, Optical and Microwave transport technologies, which is one of the main objectives of MUST.

With TeraFlowSDN as a reference implementation, the networking community will benefit from an open, standards-based solution that will make it easier to develop, test and deploy new functionality, and make it available to the broader communities. ETSI TeraFlowSDN, born from EU project TeraFlow, is developing an open source cloud native SDN Controller enabling smart networks and services for 6G and beyond. ETSI has recently announced the 2nd release of TeraFlowSDN, which includes major advances in scalability and resilience and an extensive list of new workflows for network automation.

“The implementation of TIP MUST requirements in ETSI TeraFlowSDN, and its positioning as TIP MUST Reference Implementation, benefits the community and helps to align efforts towards open packet-optical transport networks,” says Juan Pedro Fernández-Palacios, Head of Unit Transport Networks at Telefonica, MUST lead member and Vice-Chair of ETSI TeraFlowSDN. “Telecom Operators will benefit from this strategy, which will make it possible to accelerate the validation of upcoming network equipment and the development and deployment of new innovative services”.

ETSI TeraFlowSDN is discussing several activities to promote cross-community collaboration, including a joint White Paper to study the gaps between TeraFlowSDN 2.0 and MUST Requirements and the development of new feature requests for the upcoming TeraFlowSDN releases to address them.

Overall, this alignment will help to foster the development and adoption of open, standards-based infrastructure solutions that can be easily integrated and deployed in real-world networks, enabling the delivery of new services and applications.

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About TeraFlowSDN

ETSI TeraFlowSDN is developing an open source cloud native SDN controller enabling smart networks and services for 6G and beyond. Based on a cloud-native, micro-services architecture, TeraFlowSDN can be integrated with ETSI OpenSourceMANO, providing end to end network orchestration and control and a versatile toolbox for different ETSI groups and research initiatives to experiment with new features for flow aggregation, management, network equipment integration, AI and ML-based security, and forensic evidence for multi-tenancy. The group liaises with relevant standards bodies and projects working on network transformation such as the IETF, ETSI ZSM, NFV, MEC, mWT, SAI, PDL, ENI and OSM. For more information, please visit

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